What We Do

Our approach is to overcome poverty in its many forms within a defined, large-scale area by developing ‘anchor’ businesses in sectors such as renewable energy and agro-forestry all while restoring the land and local ecosystems. These businesses create permanent jobs and provide an annual income stream for communities to systematically meet their needs. We help implement community based impact solutions to meet today’s needs and help with capacity building to meet future needs to help establish resilience or what we call ‘perennial prosperity’™.

Our Innovative Approach

Our community development platform can be compared in part to a real estate developer who secures land and finds an ‘anchor tenant’ for a shopping center. The anchor tenant then pays rent as well as a share of the annual revenue to the landlord. Similarly, we secure land through long-term relationships with poor landholding communities. But instead, we develop the ‘anchor tenant’ business ourselves in sectors such as renewable energy and agro-forestry that in turn pays rent and a revenue share to the landholding communities.

The annuity income stream is used to directly pay select NGOs and service providers to help comprehensively meet the socio-economic and ecological needs of the community. We help to implement, manage and monitor this entire process through our online software system to help deliver what we call ‘perennial prosperity’™. The result is a system that systematically overcomes poverty by empowering communities to lead their own transformation in a fully transparent and accountable manner, while offering market rate returns to investors.


Large-Scale Initiatives

We do development work at scale. This is part of what makes our approach unique and impact filled. We focus on transforming large-scale, geographically defined areas in poor rural communities. For example, the Akyem Abuakwa Kingdom in Ghana has about 1.2 million acres of land and about 950,000 people. We focus on restoring the land and ecosystems in part through a long-term plan of developing multiple anchor businesses throughout the Kingdom. We start with an initial anchor business and a ‘sphere of impact’ — a defined area that would benefit from the revenue of the business. Our impact delivery model is structured to comprehensively address socioeconomic and ecological needs village by village within the ‘sphere of impact’ area.


One Business = Exponential Impact

Given the magnitude of poverty, in all its forms, we concentrate our efforts by ensuring that a single targeted ‘anchor’ business solution meets a multitude of socio-economic and ecological needs. The single ‘anchor’ business is designed to set up the next ‘anchor’ business in a similar or separate sector. Each business we add deepens our long-term relationship with the landholding communities thereby further reducing implementation and operating risks for investors.

These anchor businesses help promote the growth of supporting small and medium enterprises, further creating jobs and economic diversity. Through our process, poor landholding communities help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems in renewable energy, food production and clean air and water, while comprehensively meeting their own socioeconomic needs and restoring the local ecosystem upon which their communities rely. The result is exponential impact — what we call ‘perennial prosperity’™.


Multinational Client Benefits

Our premium products and/or services will be sold to large corporations or utilities to meet their operating and processing needs. We help companies purchase the commodities they need by creating a local source, at market prices, while delivering a transformative socioeconomic and ecological impact program to meet their corporate social responsibility mandates — at no extra cost. We offer our clients the ability to connect to our online platform so they can see the progress being made in the villages that their ongoing purchases are supporting.


Systematically Overcoming Poverty

Providing one solution, like mosquito nets or clean water, does not overcome poverty as poor rural villages have many different needs. Because of this, we focus on satisfying needs comprehensively, addressing poverty in its many forms such as human poverty, energy poverty, ecological poverty. We uniquely do this by first creating jobs and an annual income stream in order to empower communities economically. With funds, communities can then invite service providers and developmental partners to work together to holistically satisfy today’s needs and develop the capacity to address future needs as well. We help manage this process in a fully transparent and accountable manner through our online ACCESS Platform™ so we can further scale and repeat our programs around the world.


Our Team: Board and Sponsors

Our Sponsors and Board are a group comprised of highly accomplished executives who have long-standing business and interpersonal relationships who have worked together in varying capacities for many years. Additionally, our team has deep and broad experience working in Africa ranging from project and business development to legal matters and logistics along with a shared passionate commitment to driving transformative change for disadvantaged peoples and depleted natural ecosystems.

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