Impact We Deliver

There are many different theories and practices on how to best deliver aid and assistance to the developing world as well as a multitude of individual actors. To us, the power of enduring impact is in a functioning network of resources coming to bear on one large scale, defined area rooted in land and ecosystem restoration and long-term community relationships which is anchored by strong economic development drivers.

'Spheres of Impact'

We view our work within the context of ‘Spheres of Impact’. The impact that the annuity stream generates from an ‘anchor’ business we develop benefits a surrounding area, or geographical ‘sphere’, as shown in the schematic. Our Phase One sphere of impact is shown within the schematic via encircled areas with stars indicating our 'anchor' businesses. Some spheres are larger than others indicating a more sparse population. As we develop other ‘anchor’ businesses throughout the Kingdom, the spheres of impact will eventually overlap. While we implement impact solutions within a ‘sphere’, these solutions are done within the context of the whole Kingdom. For instance, building a health clinic in one sphere will benefit some people living within another sphere as well.


Impact Initiatives

In addition to the ecological impact of restoring land and ecosystems and the economic impact of creating permanent jobs along with an annual community income from our projects revenue share, we also put that annual community income to work.

The communities determine how to satisfy their needs — not us. We are not bound to a defined set of parameters of delivering only clean water, education and/or healthcare. Since our highly adaptive model facilitates an annuity stream of income for the communities, each is empowered to invite the solution providers needed to build a school, buy a community van, get bikes, fix roadways, create a marketplace, care for the elderly and orphans, and so on. We are there to help marshal the resources and manage and monitor the implementation process in part through our online ACCESS Platform™ and help build the communities’ capacity to meet their future needs as well.


Emotional Dividends

Oftentimes we hear about impact in terms of ‘social’ dividends or ‘environmental’ dividends. While we deliver impact that would traditionally fall into those categories, we also drive impact with an ‘emotional’ dividend as well. Since, it is the land and the people of these communities that make possible the annuity stream of income that is used to systematically transform these communities, they are truly empowered. For the first time, they can feel really good that their transformation is from their land and their hard work and is not fully reliant on aid and donations.


A Functioning Network of Resources

We provide the tools, access to resources, technology, training and development services needed to facilitate the process for large-scale communities to achieve a more prosperous future on their own. To do so, we plan to pull together all these disparate pieces into our community development platform — aid, experts, businesses, communities and capital partners all collectively working together to bring the knowledge, collect the data, monitor, test, research, evaluate and implement solutions for enduring socioeconomic and ecological impact. We organize, manage and learn from our work by digitizing our community development work on our ACCESS Platform™.


Digitizing Community Development

Since we want to learn from our work, we are going to capture whole processes in a meaningful learning system to make it scalable and repeatable.

Our intelligent software does quantitative and qualitative analysis and simulation which creates actionable knowledge to help in decision making for applications ranging from health care diagnosis to agriculture — so smallholder farmers can benefit from advanced technology to help with better yields and access to markets so they can be more competitive with large agribusiness.

Our system will collect and analyze important data on community development work to help communities benefit from access to all the Internet has to offer. We expect to learn from these data by identifying patterns and deep relationships within the socioeconomic and ecological revitalization initiatives we are developing within the communities so we can improve with each community with which we work.


The ACCESS Platform™

Our ACCESS Platform™ provides the resources, expert communities, tools, education and healthcare services and intelligent applications to successfully implement, monitor and learn from our solutions so we can improve over time. It is a singular collaboration platform whose use provides distinct advantages for NGOs, governments, development practitioners, academics, experts and community members to work together collectively in a way that creates a transformative system for poverty alleviation from which we can all learn to develop thriving communities.

Our ACCESS Platform™ has a few core components such as Village Portraits, Education, Healthcare, Agroecology, Expert Communities, Central Knowledge Base and Community Impact System (CIS).

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