How We Do It

Our Community Development Platform is designed for places that struggle economically and environmentally from depleted natural ecosystems and from a disconnected social and economic structure. We engage in long term relationships with landholders, we develop an ‘anchor’ business and then we bring together developmental organizations and technology solutions required to help build healthy, resilient, intergenerational communities to create what we call ‘perennial prosperity’™.

Our Community Development Platform has five main focal areas: community engagement, land use and management, business development, technology solutions and impact management.

Community Engagement

As a community developer, our objective is to deeply understand the interconnected socioecological needs of a community. We work with people and nature as a whole community of interrelationships. We assess how the land area ‘works’ ecologically and how people have traditionally interacted with the ecosystem — both positively and negatively.

It is through dialogue that we seek to initiate the healing of depleted, yet interconnected and interdependent resources in ways in which the community itself will be participants in the process of becoming a new, vibrant place to live, work and play. We then act as a ‘conductor’ to develop a path to systematically and holistically satisfy those needs that will restore natural ecosystems and create healthy, intergenerational communities.


Land Use and Management

Our development work begins with poor communities that are very large landholders. These poor communities have an unprecedented opportunity to transform their situation because their land can be improved and managed to help heal rapidly depleting, highly valuable natural resources.

We work in partnership with these communities to build large-scale plans to help improve and manage their land. We seek to maximize natural and human resources of an entire community by carefully selecting land development opportunities that have the greatest social, environmental and economic potential. To optimize land use and management, we implement agroecological farming solutions that include combinations of food crops, poly-canopy tree farms and soil and livestock management — all of which will be geographically and culturally specific.


We Are The ‘Anchor’ Tenant

We seek to make community land assets highly productive to produce organic, rapidly renewable, high margin ‘end products’ such as in renewable energy, biosynthetic fuel, and cash crops, to name a few. We do a careful assessment of the ecosystem to understand where it is best to install solar panels, plant cash crops and a poly-canopy of trees and to manage livestock based upon soil, water and existing vegetation. Poor depleted soil unfit for agriculture may be monetized through solar panels and over time, the land can be healed to be productive again. In whatever manner we start with our ‘anchor’ business, we seek to do it in a way that complements and facilitates investment in the next economic development project.


Digitizing Community Development

To be maximally effective, we manage and learn from this entire process via our online proprietary platform, capturing knowledge on how to best create self-reliant communities to overcome poverty and to promote peace.

We created the ACCESS Platform™ to be a comprehensive set of online resources, intelligent applications and project management programs provided through existing Internet data services or through a satellite data tower we would install. For the first time, there will be a system to collect and analyze important data on community development work and to help communities benefit from access to all the Internet has to offer. We expect to learn from these data by identifying patterns and deep relationships within the socioeconomic and ecological revitalization initiatives we are developing with the communities so we can learn from one community to the next. Learn more...


Community Impact System

“Success” in delivering needed solutions for the community is critical for village stakeholders, but also essential for our clients, investors and partners. Each village, client, investor and partner will define success in its own way. As such, we will seek to ensure that these ‘success’ metrics are clearly articulated and agreed upon in advance of any solution implementation. We do this by concentrating significant efforts in community engagement from the outset along with ongoing dialogue amongst all constituents.

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